soul – ing – Sonuga


There is a perfect rhythm to the universe
created in the down beat of the big bang
the hi hat in the first flicker of light
it was sung in the first word
that propelled humanity forward
the first pulse that danced across the rib
of the first man
knew that beat

we inherited this soul
we have perfected it
pressed it into our children’s tongues
carried it across continents
in the underbelly of ships that rocked
this same rhythm
even the crack of a whip
recognized our music
and we created gospel underneath that quiver

is the voice that whispers
“one more step”

is the language of forgiveness
of remembrance
of second chances
of love

is what commands a broken body to move

our universe is a perfect pitch
an uninterrupted melody
the metronome of our existence
we ride this current
write our own verses within it
our children are a chorus

and I have soul because
my father’s throat is a kick drum
my mother’s mouth a wailing saxophone
and I am the fourth verse of a harmony
created in a place where laughter is currency
and soul is what was left
when there was nothing else