Quiet Night


Quiet night. Human entanglements over.
Left to solitude. World out there.
Behind door. Beyond window. Stars?
I can bring them here. Star whisperer.
Wind in the corn silk. Touch it lightly. Life.
As if tenderness were considerately urgent.

Based on air. Water. Fire. Earth….
I know ten thousand philosophies.
I know nothing. Based on all. Why choose ?
Four waves of the same reality.

Water doesn’t wait for the mind to move.
What good would it do to know?
Based on water. So what? It moves.

Don’t engage ghosts anymore.
Can’t always see how to replace them.
Spend a lot of time in the woods at night.
Half because I want to be. Other half waiting.

For what? Who knows? No one. Firefly,
Even if it never comes. Time is content.
Time always comes. Waiting.

A kind of early arrival
prolonged as long as you can.
Really there when you’re
waiting for someone you care about.

Want to disappear?
Run off. Get married.
To the church or the bust of a pagan idol.
Grave rob the demolition shadows of organized plans.

Life ain’t grand.
Life ain’t fair. Life ain’t folly.
And it isn’t a midget on stilts either.