The Morning News is Exciting

To All Boys and Men!
Dandelions (1) may not be weeds. They are related to chrysanthemums. Girls should.
May all weeds dislocate themselves. Girls should. I clench my fist and watch the morning news. Dandelion leaves are bitter yet tender. Girls should. Chrysanthemums are admired. Beware. The early morning news is exciting.

Special Attachment
I take a long shower. Girls should. I have suffered. I have been mistaken. Doctors and nurses know absolutely nothing. I despise them. They know absolutely nothing. I know everything that will happen. I enrage the world. Girls should. My dishes are unbreakable.

Exceptional Attachment
Squeeze plenty. Girls should. Wash and wash then write to the world. The news will break. Just wait and see. I have all the kitchenware. Just bring your clothes. Girls should. I write to the world. My book is taped up in a box. Wash and wash till the smell is gone, blood is gone. I am most bored in the morning.

More on Attachment
Everyone is born wanted or unwanted, but some may be born exceptionally unwanted
or wanted. A nation may be wanted or unwanted depending on what the other nation is thinking about. This nation was exceptionally wanted then unwanted because it was
thought to be precariously small. Whatever happens to this nation will be revealed gradually even though the morning news is exciting. Fathers, sons, boys are usually exceptionally wanted. At times they can be born exceptionally wanted then unwanted because they are thought to be precariously secondary. This father was precariously secondary. He knew this nation well but he knew the other nation even better. This is what happens when the other nation thinks a lot about a nation and stays an unwelcome stay. There is another nation that thinks about this nation but whatever is to happen will be revealed gradually despite the fact that the morning news is exciting. This father who was secondary amongst wanted existence had sadness about unwanted existence. Nevertheless this father took pictures of this nation before, during, and after the war.

A Blue Suitcase
Twin twin twin zone. Cameraman, run to my twin twin zone. A girl’s exile excels beyond excess. Essence excels exile. Something happens to the wanted girl. Nothing happens to the unwanted girl. The morning news is exciting. Excessive exile exceeds analysis. Psychosis my psychosis. Psychosis her psychosis. Pill her and pill her and file her and exile her and pill her and pill her till axis and boxes and sexes.

Let’s Get Loud

It is easy to tell the uniformed students are following and something is blazing.
On the other hand the morning news is exciting. Of course near narration is exciting.
Cameraman, run with the shoeshine boys and watch them die. They made themselves into a single mass by locking their arms and shoulders and moving like a tide. Hence bring down the world. Whereas the elite was petite the center was cocky and manly.
As you can see dear nation was petite and wanted. Hence dear narration. Watch me shine.

Nothing Happens
I have written LETTERS. I sat in my car and cried for a long time. Then I lashed out.
I decided to write a long letter. When nothing happens I cannot repress my rage.
Far nation calls you and you go. You run with a camera. Far nation pays you to run.
Hence morning news is exciting. Far nation pays the petite nation to run. Naturally you run and follow the bomber. You sit behind the electronic warfare officer and puke. Manage your fear, far narration is here. Everyday life seen through everyday eyes. Troops on foot. Flashes of napalm intercut with everyday man singing and playing a guitar. Flashback to Ho. Everyday woman and infant looking distressed. Everyday man’s guitar. POV from F-4. Very low level. Series of aerials looking back over everyday craters. Glistening water. Aerial nation for everyday eyes. Hence I wait for the morning news. She has written that nothing happens to the unwanted girl. What error.
She’s an errorist.

[1] Dandelion is a  girl videogame (