The river is rising

The river is rising, at first you don’t see it, you are sleepy,
Rubbing your eyes like a dumb, amniotic child,
But the river is rising. It’s inevitable, it’s just a matter of time.

You can play games, have a smoke, buy dungarees and silk ties
But it’s no good, it’s all going to be spiked soon,
Your small plans and schemes smashed up for good.

The sea is turning into blood, the sea is becoming a sea of blood,
And revolutions and uprisings are causing the blood letting
The fishes and dolphins are frantically writhing in the bloody meshes

Something is coming, something is coming to get you,
To trap you, to poison you with fatal longing
With the unanswered questions of the dispossessed.

We have come thus far. Can we go no further?
No, a boulder has fallen and the pathway is blocked
The train derailed, the children defiled.

No exit says the sign, there are only flies and mosquitoes here
The weeded garden is growing with the impurities of men,
And all slowly hurtles into the crucible of before, the vacuum of hereafter.