Poesia transnazionale


Father you have always been there for me
Working night shifts
Always present
Proud of my school grades

Hiding your foreign accent
You pushed me so hard
To learn to be better than the others

We are in England now
We must speak English
You are British
Is your motto

Libraries become my playground
Books my favourite friends
You changed my name
‘It is for your own good’
‘What is the use of having a long name
Difficult to pronounce?

I cried in smelly school loos
Beaten and bullied
Because I was not one of them

‘Dad teach me your language’
I begged you
‘This language is no good to you
It belongs to forgotten villages
This is your home now’

Even now I don’t know where home is
Graffiti on the walls
Suspicious looks from my colleagues
When terror hits the news




Shirin Ramzanali Fazel